June 27, 2015

Word Knowledge Practice Questions

Words that mean the same thing are called synonyms. In the following sentences, select the word or group of words that most closely means the same as the underlined word.

1. According to Army policy, every recruit will be accountable for the maintenance of his private living area.

a. applauded
b. responsible
c. rewarded
d. punished

2. Before signing the purchase contract, the car buyer decided to scrutinize the payment term agreement.

a. examine
b. confuse
c. comprehend
d. access

3. Two soldiers were involved in an animated discussion regarding the correct way to set up a perimeter defense.

a. lively
b. sorrowful
c. brief
d. humanitarian

4. A military conflict was avoided because of a diplomatic effort by the much respected ambassador.

a. belligerent
b. tactful
c. submissive
d. angry

5. The much decorated Drill Sergeant was emulated by other unit soldiers.

a. punished
b. praised
c. fashioned
d. imitated

6. The authorities explained the need for compliance with all regulations.

a. defiance
b. confidence
c. enthusiasm
d. obedience

7. The defenders of the citadel were unmatched in courage and tenacity.

a. ferocity
b. doggedness
c. timidity
d. flexibility

8. A mutation is something that

a. has been transformed from its normal state.
b. has been silenced.
c. has been gained.
d. has been corroded.

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