June 27, 2015

Mathematics Knowledge Practice Questions

1. In a rowing contest, Crew One travels at a rate of a five-minute mile. Crew Two achieves an 8 minute mile. If both crews set out from the same point on a large lake and row for 40 minutes, how far ahead will Crew One be from Crew Two?

a. 3
b. 7
c. 9
d. 12

2. A man needed 2 ½ gallons of driveway topping to weather seal 1/3 of his driveway. How many more gallons will he need to finish weather coating the driveway?

a. 7 ½ gallons
b. 6 gallons
c. 6 ½ gallons
d. 5 gallons

3. A right triangle measures 6 feet on one side and 3 feet at the base. The Pythagorean Theorem can be used for solving for the length of the third and unknown side. Explain the Pythagorean Theorem.

a. The Pythagorean Theorem states that you must multiple the known sides to get the length of the third side.
b. The sum of the squared length of the two known sides gives you the length squared of the third and unknown side opposite the right angle.
c. The square root of both sides multiplied by the length of the longest side gives you the answer.
d. None of the above

4. If it takes 7 days to fill a diving pool to a depth of 14 feet, what is the average daily rate of fill per hour?

a. 2 inches per hour
b. 1 inch per hour
c. .5 inches per hour
d. 1.5 inches per hour

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