June 29, 2015


The ASVAB test serves a number of important purposes for the United States military. This series of multiple-choice tests determines whether candidates for the Armed Services have the requisite knowledge and skills to be successful. As a predictor of future performance in the military, the SVAB test has proved to be very accurate. The test is also used to identify candidates with exceptional knowledge and skills. The Armed Services try to make use of individual talents as much as possible. Many different specializations are open to incoming soldiers who demonstrate particular aptitudes.

The ASVAB test is also a useful diagnostic tool for students and recent high school graduates. At this point in their lives, many people are trying to decide what to do next. Entering the military may be just one of the paths they are considering. Taking the ASVAB test can help these people determine their next step. Sometimes a surprisingly high score on one part of the ASVAB can awaken a person to a new area of professional interest. For instance, many people who never had the chance to study mechanics in high school are delighted to find they have a natural aptitude for the subject. Even if these people never join the Armed Services, they have gained something from taking the ASVAB test.

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