June 27, 2015

ASVAB Test Day

If you’ve been following a regular strategic study plan in the months leading up to the ASVAB test, you should feel confident of performing well in excess of the minimum AFQT requirements. This will mean that you have a wider choice in terms of military service occupation. However, there are some additional steps you can take to make sure things go well, particularly if you’re taking the test at a place you’ve never been before. This last possibility is not a problem for those who take the ASVAB at the high school they’ve been attending for years. But for those who are taking the test at one of the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), there are some precautions you should take.

Having obtained the address of the MEPS center from a recruiter, you should check computerized mapping services to locate alternative routes for getting to the test site. You need to get to the MEPS with time to spare. Sitting in heavy traffic and wondering when you’ll get to the MEPS isn’t a good way to begin your day. Learn routes and be aware of potential traffic problems you may encounter. A dry run to the MEPS isn’t a bad idea if you’re not too far away.

Have your clothing and materials ready on the morning you set out to take your test. Get a weather report beforehand and dress appropriately but recognize that there may be some surprises no matter how well you prepared.

An air-conditioned room may be too cold for you. A lack of air-conditioning could have the opposite effect. The best idea is to dress in layers so that you can remove outer layers if you are too hot or keep them on if you are cold. You want to be able to concentrate all your attention on the test material, not on your comfort level. Have a good well-balanced breakfast, a mix of proteins and carbohydrates. Avoid the coffee and donuts syndrome.

Having properly prepared for the ASVAB, you may still have some anxiety, but you can put this to good use. A little anxiety can keep you awake and focused. Regular study and work habits have taught you how to control your anxiety. If your anxiety level gets too high, you know how to relax your body and turn inward to experience that inner confidence you’ve acquired.