June 29, 2015

ASVAB Practice

You will need to engage in some ASVAB practice if you want to maximize your score on the exam. Too many candidates for military service take the ASVAB without understanding its structure and content. Begin by spending some time familiarizing yourself with the various components of the exam. Once you have done so, you may find it useful to continue your ASVAB practice by looking over some sample questions. Reading a list of the examination content is good, but it is better to see the information as it is likely to appear on the test. Answering some sample questions or, ideally, taking a full-length practice exam gives you a better sense of your existing knowledge base and the areas in which you need improvement.

In addition, working with some ASVAB practice problems can help to allay any feelings of test anxiety you may be experiencing. For whatever reason, many people struggle on timed exams even when their knowledge is strong. One way to remedy this problem is to practice taking the exam within the actual time limitations of the real test. Those who do this find they are more relaxed and focused on the day of the exam. After identifying the areas in which you need additional work, focus your ASVAB practice on these areas of study. A number of valuable resources are available, from school textbooks to ASVAB-specific study guides. After you have spent time shoring up your weak areas, take a full-length practice exam a few days before you are scheduled to take the real version. This ASVAB practice will train your mind to work quickly and thoroughly on the day of the exam.

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