June 27, 2015

Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Questions

1. The rest stop snack machines accept quarters only. You are making snack purchases for people traveling with you. You need to buy 2 candy bars, a pack of peanuts, and one can of soda. A sign on the machines tells you the prices: candy bars cost .25 cents, a bag of peanuts costs .50 cents, and a can of soda costs .75 cents. There is a change machine in the lobby area. How many quarters will you need to make the required purchases?

a. Eight
b. Six
c. Seven
d. Eleven

2. You’re a detective who just filed a report of a burglary. You’ve gone over the stolen items with the householder victim, John Day. John Day tells you he can’t find his watch valued at 375 dollars. His wife is missing a ruby pendant valued at 850 dollars, and there was cash on hand, also missing, of 200 dollars. What is the total value of the stolen items and cash combined?

a. 1125 dollars
b. 1175 dollars
c. 1425 dollars
d. 1475 dollar

Questions 3-5:
The cost of movie tickets at the Cinema Verite is 9 dollars for adults and five dollars for children under 12. During the Saturday and Sunday matinees, adults are charged 8 dollars for admission and children under 12 are charged 4 dollars. At any time at all, there is a group discount for groups of 15 or more adults at a cost of 6 dollars per ticket.

3. What is the cost for 2 adults and 3 children during the Saturday matinee?

a. 27
b. 28
c. 14
d. 32

4. What is the cost difference for a group of 2 adults and three children on a weekday at six o’clock compared to the cost for the same group on a Sunday at a matinee?

a. $16
b. $5
c. $4
d. $8

5. What’s the difference in price of a movie ticket for an adult on Saturday and a child on a weekday?

a. $1
b. $2
c. $3
d. $4

6. A woman went to a sale with a coupon that gave her a twenty percent discount on certain items. She bought a sweater and a skirt that qualified for the discount. The regular price for both items would be $160.00. What price did the woman pay for the clothing she bought?

a. $180.00
b. 148.00
c. $140.00
d. $128.00

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